Tremont First Baptist Church Youth
Youth Minister:  Will Carr
It is in my philosophy of ministry and my ministry plans for the youth of Tremont First Baptist Church to be full involved with carrying out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission as scripture teaches.  As the youth, we will strive to love the Lord with everything we have and work to love others just as Jesus did.  The youth need to be deeply invested with carrying out the Great Commission by making disciples.  This must start in their own hearts and households.  As the Youth Pastor I intend to devote my time to shepherding and guiding the youth as they walk with the Lord.  I want the youth to be deeply involved with ministries within the church such as missions and evangelism.  At  Tremont FBC it is my desire to make a safe place for the youth to worship our Lord and Savior and grow together as fellow Christians.  I also intend to get parents and other church members involved so that the youth ministry can continue to grow numerically and spiritually.
                                                                                          -Will Carr, Youth Minister